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Tsumugi Jyuken 

Architect & Construction 

Our Strength 

Mission Tsumugi 

 In order to complete on piece of fine woven fabric, it need combination of  good quality of new thread work . that action will gradually adding depth and magnificence. 
Our company name Tsumugi  originally came from the word toiling up the pongee .
sincerity is the key , just like a special piece of woven clothe ,continuous time and maintenance is necessary, in order to enjoy living  in  comfortable  space, while sharing individual life style need .  Tsumugi Jyuken build a confidence and trust . let us serve you , let's work together on your project . 
Just like a weaving one piece of precious silk woven fablic . 


Tsumugi Jyuken is Global Strategy  Partner to Momiji Global Biz and supporting member of Safiyya Halal Awereness . 
Now ready to provide various customized service in Dubai .

We Are Community Builder 

Tsumugi Jyuken Co.,Ltd 

Archtect& Construction

Kobe Office:
2-4 , 2Chome, Chuo-ku, Monamihonnmachido-ri
Postal Code 651-0074
Tel 81 78 241 2648   Fax 81 78 241 2547

Osaka Branch Office :3-3, 1chome, Takadono ,Asahku, Osaka City 

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